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London ACM SIGGRAPH is a local non-profit, volunteer organization run and made up of local professionals. We host events for the Computer Graphics community in London, reach out to other communities and aim to promote contact and information exchange. For contact reach out here.

London’s computer graphics community

If you would like to contribute, please consider becoming a member and/or volunteering for the London ACM SIGGRAPH chapter. Meet the team below.

Meet the Team

Kate Gabriel Chair of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

As Chair of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter, Kate oversees the activities of the chapters, and reaches out to potential partners, sponsors and event opportunities.

Kate is a 3D Artist based in London working at The Mill. She started working in production in 2011 since then she worked on various projects from full CG stereoscopic Feature film, TV series, Advertising and short films. Her passion is for Lighting & Rendering.

She was born in the Czech Republic, where she graduated with a Master of Art in Fine Arts.

Kate is also a member of the External Relations Committee at ACM SIGGRAPH Organisation.

BOYAN GEORGIEV Vice-Chair of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

As Vice-Chair of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter, Boyan oversees the activities of the chapter, and reaches out to potential partners, sponsors and event opportunities.


Born in Bulgaria, Boyan has graduated with First-Class Honours in 3D Animation from the University of Hertfordshire. Boyan started at Blue-Zoo Animation as a Lighting and Compositing Artist on a children’s TV show for the BBC. Following that Boyan joined the team at MPC to be on the new Lion King for Disney. 

Currently Boyan is at Dneg working throughout the different production departments as a Lighting Artist.


JESSICA LENNOX Secretary of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

As Secretary, Jessica handles regular chapter administration tasks as well as reaching out to potential partners, sponsors and event opportunities


Born in England, Jessica is currently working as a Generalist TD at MPC Film. She began her career by graduating with a first class degree at the University of Hertfordshire, before moving into the 3D industry where she worked on projects based around 3D shorts/adverts, a Nickelodeon series and more recently a Netflix series at. Her main skills focus on Lighting, Rendering and Compositing, but with solid knowledge of other areas.

Eva Krpanov Treasurer of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter
Eva always loved films, animations and giving back to the community. Finishing her two BA degrees in Film and Media Theory and Asian Studies, she moved over from Hungary looking for new opportunities. Spending years in the Event Industry she gained deep insight into production and organisation processes.
Since 2017 she is working with the London Indian Film Festival as a Production Assistant and Volunteer Manager as one of the core team members. In 2018 she found her love in Producing, studying at Escape Studios and now she is aiming to be a VFX Producer.
Ioanna Ivanova Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Ioanna is a multi-disciplined CG artist, graduated from Bournemouth University in 2016. She’s currently based in London she works for INK, an award-winning creative studio specialising in design-led CGI and animation. With a love for all things CGI, since joining INK in 2016 she has created work for iconic brands such as Honda, Audi, Aston Martin, Nespresso. Ioanna is passionate about bringing like-minded people together through their passion for CGI and animation. She is also a member of the board at 3DS London.

Chris Fryer Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

After growing up in the UK loving movies, then graduating from the Visual Effects course at

the University of Hertfordshire. Chris is now a Digital Compositor in the London VFX

community; who’s past shows include Star Wars, Jurassic World, DreamWorks and more!

When not making pretty-pixel-producing tools. He’ll be found orbiting the nearest coffee


Brenda Ximena Roldan Romero Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Brenda Ximena is a Spanish 3D animator currently based in the UK. Inspired by her family, where design, art, and music played an important influence while growing up. Brenda Ximena completed with first class and distinction respectively: BA (Hons) Computer Visualisation and Animation and MA 3D Computer Animation at the National Centre of Computer Animation (NCCA) Bournemouth University (UK). She took part in Woman in Animation (WIA) apprenticeship, she has been a mentee at Access VFX and is currently a 3D Junior Animator at Blue Zoo Animation Studios in London.

Ere Santos Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Ere is a Canadian animator who has been working in feature films for 3 years. He has

worked at renowned studios such as Sony, Pixar, MPC, and DNEG. Ere’s greatest passion

is in character animation and performance. He currently works as a Senior Animator at

Jellyfish Pictures in London.

Beata Parczewska Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter
After arriving from Poland with a bachelor degree in New Art Media, Beata completed an M.A. in Design Practice, leading to her early career as a Motion Designer and Character Animator for ads, VR and 3D projection mapping. Always maintaining a keen interest in science, she is now exploring new avenues for the 3D medium, working as a 3D Artist creating surgical training simulations with London-based startup Touch Surgery.
Simone Giampaolo Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Simone Giampaolo is a director and animator from Switzerland with an insatiable appetite for storytelling and humour.

In 2013 he graduated with Distinction from the BA(Hons) Computer Animation Arts course at the National Centre for Computer Animation in Bournemouth (UK). Between 2014 and January 2018 Simone has been working as animation director and CG generalist in the commercial department at Blue-Zoo Animation (based in London, UK) on a multitude of projects for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, LEGO, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Lucasfilm and BBC.

He is now represented as Animation Director by world-famous studio Aardman Animations.

MATT GAZZARD Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Matt completed a foundation diploma in Animation at UCA Farnham before finding his penchant for the 2D side of things and furthered his studies at the University Of Hertfordshire, where he graduated from the Visual Effects for Film and Television Degree. He has been freelancing at Happy Finish UK and Milk vfx, working on 2D, 360 and VR projects.

Dr Fiona Rivera Co-Founder & Board Member of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Fiona is one of the co-founders of the chapter. As a senior R&D development producer at BBC R&D, Fiona oversees projects whose work helps invent the future and move beyond the state of the art in media and broadcast. Her expertise is in interactive and immersive media. Fiona trained in 3D and animation at Escape Studios, and Animation Mentor, and holds PhD in Electronic Engineering (focusing on VR and 3D animation), plus an MSc in Virtual Reality, BSc in Computing and BSc in Economics. Fiona has also co-authored research papers on virtual reality, broadcast media enhancements and a book on Autodesk Maya.


Sullivan Richard Co-Founder & Board Member of the London ACM SIGGRAPH

Sullivan is one of the co-founders and original Treasurer of the chapter from 2014-2016. He works as a Digital Matte Painter and Environment Artist at Oscar winning Double Negative VFX.

Sullivan has been involved in the production of many high profile feature films, such as Interstellar, Terminator Genisys, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and more.

Rodrigo Costa Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Born in Portugal from Brazilian parents, Rodrigo first tried traditional hand-drawn animation when he was attending the Fine-Art University in Lisbon. He found his love for the craft and went on to study CG character animation at Animation Mentor.


He has since worked as a Character & Creature Animator at Illumination Macguff, Framestore and has recently joined Industrial Light & Magic in London.


Rodrigo joined the SIGGRAPH board team in the Summer of 2017

Léa Cazenave Board Member of London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter
Originally from France, Lea holds two master’s degrees in Arts and Cultural Management and started to work as an Exhibition Project Manager in France and London. She switched careers in 2017 to work as the Studio Coordinator of Mikros Animation London where she gained a real passion for the Animation work culture and its people, building up strong connections throughout the local VFX industry. She recently worked as a Design Program Manager at Facebook London, organising lectures, events and workshops for the UX Design community.
Former Board Members

Thank you to the following wonderful people who have helped the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter before moving onto new things!

Almu Redondo

Pedram Razi

Bernhard Eiser

Romain Joly

Iestyn Roberts

AJ Christensen

Benoit Leveau

Nicolas Rigaud

Youen Leclerc

Paddy Finn



If you are interested in helping out as a volunteer Board Member, let us know via our multiple channels or at an event!

Benoit Terminet Schuppon Co-Founder & Instigator of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Professionally, Benoit works at Double Negative as a VFX Artist with a focus on animation. He has a passion for film making and creating audio-visual experiences. Benoit is originally from France and grew up in China, but is now based in London. Benoit was the instigator in founding the London chapter, and the original Chair.

As the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter is Benoit’s baby in many ways, he will always have a soft spot for it and will forever help it grow, even if he has recently stepped back from leadership roles.

Ellen Erikson Former Secretary (2016-2018) of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter


Ellen’s expertise is in 3D animation, with a passion for character animation, acting and performance, along with a strong technical engineering background, and project management skills. Ellen began her professional career in Siemens producing technical animations. She later moved into Character Animation at Tinyisland Productions, where she eventually became an Animation Supervisor and Head of Department for Animation.


Ellen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, and Masters in Multimedia Design and Digital Media, along with a certificate in Advanced Character Animation from Animation Mentor. She also has extensive experience training and mentoring animation students, and professional animation teams during production.

Sonja Geracsek Co-Founder and Former Secretary (2014-2016) of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Sonja is one of the co-founders, and former secretary (2014-2016) of the chapter. In addition to regular chapter administration tasks, she also designed the majority of the chapter’s event posters during her time as secretary.


Professionally Sonja works as a Motion Graphics Designer with a focus on title design, flat graphic animation, and has a passion for branding. Her previous experience spans across various fields within the computer graphics industry such as games development, layout design and web development.


Sonja is originally from Slovakia and grew up in Germany. Sonja’s career has now taken her to Munich where she continues her activities in the Munich ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter. Sonja also keeps in regular contact to help out the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter when possible.

Sean Rowe Co-Founder and Former Vice Chair (2015-2016) of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Sean is one of the co-founders of the chapter. With over 6 years industry experience in both TV & Film, Sean has worked in various positions such as Matchmove/Layout, Motion Capture and Effects Technical Director. His main interests include Effects, Motion Graphics and technologies that present art in a new and exciting way like VR and Projection Mapping.

Sean has now moved onto projects out of the country, but we hope he will return to us again one day.

Francois-Maxence Desplanques Co-Founder & Former Board Member of the London ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter

Francois-Maxence (known as FM), was one of our earliest Board Members (2014-2015), and was instrumental in establishing the chapter.


FM organised several of our initial events. These events helped to solidify us as a professional group capable of hosting high-profile events of interest to a wide-range of industry professionals. FM has moved on to projects in other places, but is welcome back any time!